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50 test stripes for 590 rub
You get your result in 5 seconds
Lab precision

Glucose Meters by GmateLife

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500 hundred results
on the device’s memory
An accurate result
in 5 seconds
Convenient case that
holds the shape
No encoding
Copying of data
to computer
Gmate test stripes Gmate with GDH-FAD technology
Gmate test stripes are made with carbon coated electrodes and using the next-generation
enzyme - GDH-FAD, it makes the prices be lower and measurement accuracy higher.
This high accuracy is laboratory confirmed.
GDH Enzyme
Makes the test laboratory accurate.
Carbon coating
Makes the production cheaper without losing quality.
590 rub
50 pc
Additional blood
drive in case of a failed attempt
Small drop
of blood
for all glucose meters
of Gmate
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History of diabetes
Insulin discovery
For the first time, insulin was derived from a dog’s pancreatic tissue by Frederick Banting and Charles Best. Insulin had been injected into a diabetic dog (with pancreatic extract) and its blood sugar reduced. Next year the scientists had been successfully using insulin to treat people with diabetes and were awarded the Nobel Prize.
Frederick Grant Banting , discoverer of insulin
1891 г.
The first test stripes Ames Dextrostix
In the early 1960s, Ernest Adams invented the first test stripes to determine blood glucose levels. The invention was patented by Ames company and got the name Dextrostix. A drop of blood was put onto a measure zone and in 1 minute it was washed away under heavy jet of water, the test stripe’s change of color was measured visually. It was a step forward, but this method wasn’t really accurate and was applied under clinical conditionals only.
Accuracy of measurement:
Very low
Time spent:
60 sec
Glucose Meter Ames Reflectance Meter
The glucose meter by Ames was the first one in the world. It was called Ames Reflectance Meter. It used the test stripes, which had to be rinsed and dried after applying a drop of blood.
1.6 kg
650 $
Time spent:
60 sec
Glucose Meter Gmate Life
Get precise blood glucose level measurements results in 5 seconds at home. Innovative technology GDH-FAD provides affordable price and high measuring accuracy that is laboratory confirmed. Control your blood sugar and your costs using Gmate!
200 gr
Time spent:
5 sec
Test stripes
What's next?
It’s easy to use Gmate Life!
We pay attention to interface of the device that people of any age would have no difficulty
to control their blood sugar.
Step 1
Put an unused test stripe
into the glucose meter.
Step 2
Pierce with a special device
to get a drop of blood
Step 3
Put the drop
onto the test stripe
Step 4
Get your results
in less than 5 seconds.
full instructions.